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Kinetic Orthotics

About Kinetic Orthotics®

Kinetic Orthotics® specialise in custom made foot orthotics. We were the first company in Australia to use computer integrated manufacturing technology to design and manufacture prescription foot orthotics. We have continued to refine and develop our technology over the past 17 years.

Our goal is to help provide evidence based orthotic therapy. Our continual investment in education and research has lead to the development of post graduate courses in biomechanics and orthotic design application. Our ongoing efforts in developing university research in the area of biomechanics and the use of selective evidence based protocols is leading to a new appreciation of prescription orthotic therapy.

The technology we use helps us refine and minimise the possibility of human error in the process of design and manufacture. This process has developed from patented algorithmic design selection technology that links key clinical tests and observations to specific design features aimed at providing the ultimate in design, comfort and performance.

Once this design has been developed and tailored to the individual’s requirements specific algorithms are then applied to guarantee the accuracy of manufacture. This process is unique to our approach and delivers a product that can be relied upon to provide specific, consistent and reliable outcomes.

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