Kinetic Learning Centre

Kinetic Learning Centre

The Home of Modern Orthotic Therapy

The Kinetic Learning Centre is a respected professional development portal educating the next wave of podiatrist clinicians and students with the most cutting-edge modern orthotic therapy course, textbook and evaluation tools available in Australia today.

At the Kinetic Learning Centre we know through decades of manufacturing, design, research and podiatry practice experience that traditional orthotic design is counterintuitive and does not serve the best interest of patients.

Extensive clinical research has shown recording the foot contour alone is simply not a sufficient measurement to design an effective orthotic device. Clinicians must factor in the balance of forces required for each patient to move effectively in order to improve their condition.

We created the Kinetic Learning Centre to address these shortcomings through sharing interactive education tools which combine decades of experience and research to teach clinicians the theory and practice needed to create the most effective custom-made orthotics on the market today.

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